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Got a book in you that’s screaming to get published?

Find out the facts that will save you time, money, and even the rights to your book! 

Maybe you want to self-publish a small run of books to give to your friends and associates. Or you want to be an ebook sensation or a paperback bestseller. Either way, you are invested in your project. One wrong publishing decision can put you in serious debt, result in an unmarketable book and kill your chances of a successful publication.

  • Write, organize and edit your book.
  • Design a professional, attractive book cover and interior pages.
  • Register your ISBN barcode, copyright and LCN (Library control number).
  • Choose a main-stream publisher vs. self-publishing vs. POD.
  • Find a reputable book manufacturer and distributor.
  • Get your eBook formatted and uploaded to Kindle, Nook and online bookstores.
  • Get your paperback or hardback into Barnes & Noble stores.
  • Acquire media appearances, endorsements and book reviews.
  • Launch a website, blog and sell from your website.
  • Benefit from online promotional campaigns.
  • Create successful book signings.
  • Benefit from social media, newsletters and speaking engagements.

Wherever you fit in the publishing puzzle check out the facts before you commit to a designer, printer or distributor.

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Nancy Nichols
Publisher, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author